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May 2022


The Fabrik Hair Skull was first developed way back in 2012.

These hairy creations are all made with hair from the salon floor. Once the hair is collected it is bleached and coloured to the desired shade. the hair is then moulded into the ghoulish shape you see in the imagery.

The Fabrik Hair Skull is easily our most identifiable piece. They have constantly popped back into our creative work time and time again.

Being showcased in the Miramoda show at NZ Fashion Week 2012, mailed to a number of admired crimpers across the world without an explanation, featured in the brilliant Infringe Magazine and exhibited at the Ramp Gallery Hamilton to celebrate our 13th anniversary in business to name but a few times they have been used.

The Fabrik Hair Skull can be made to order by anyone willing to have enough hair chopped off.


Photography: Mark Hamilton
Styling: Jamie Dryden

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