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The hair was cut, coloured and rolled around gardening wire to create these unusual shapes.

July 2022

Guerilla Hair

Guerrilla Hair was a concept we worked on in 2017.

The idea was born out of not having a large enough team to successfully showcase our work at NZ Fashion Week. All the hairpieces on display were pre-made and incorporated into the look on the day. All the pieces were made by Jamie using human hair.

We wanted to give them a run out prior to this engagement and this is where the idea for this shoot came from.

The model is called Anna and walked by the salon one day. We wanted to use the same girl for all the shots. The idea for the shoot was speed, in and out. I don’t think the whole shoot took more than 1.5 hours from start to finish.


Photography: Mark Hamilton
Styling: Jamie Dryden

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