Yenda Davidson.

Name:Yenda Davidson.


Fabrik stylist of choice is: Jamie Dryden.

Yenda is a graphic designer and has been associated with the print industry for 40 years she is now the co-partner of Bleed which she owns with her husband Keith A.K.A”The Boss” i was told as i sat in “The Boss’s” chair who she been with for just over 40 years. Bleed provides a graphic design and print management service and is located on Victoria street in Hamilton. Check out some of these cool pics of this loft apartment which has been converted into their business.

Yenda’s stylist of choice is Jamie.Yenda only has a haircut-her dark locks are au naturel as she ages with grace and elegance. Yenda has been coming to fabrik since shortly after it’s birth and has seen the many stages that has been FABRIK IS HAIR!

She says that it has always been the right atmosphere, the right music, the right people. “I can come to Fabrik with complete confidence that i will leave happy with a great haircut-since day 1 i have received compliments about my hair”.

Yenda’s pet robot.

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