New to Fabrik

Some short options for winter. By Fabrik.

Short or Long

Short or long it dosent matter hair by Michael Hewin and Hannah Stechman at Fabrik


Fabrik excepts no Imitations or Limitations full stop. We see hair as medium to create. For over a year we have been working on our hair SKULLS and here are some images of them in action……….
We first showcased them at NZFW 2012 for designer Christopher Woods part of the Miromoda collective and they have graced our display cabinet since. They were a crucial part in our latest collection ‘Reformation’ shot by Mark Hamilton earlier in March. Anybody who would like one just has to come in and ask…….

stay tuned for the actual pictures from our latest shoot this just an teaser off Michael’s phone.

From your skull to ours.

Anna Wilkinson


Name: Anna Wilkinson
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Fabrik stylist of choice: Jamie Dryden

Anna is a graphic designer and has been for over 10 years now. As a day job she works at King Street Advertising and in the evenings also helps to run Radio Robotic with her partner Scott. Radio Robotic is a new station and broadcast in Hamilton Central on 87.6FM. they play a mix of alternative and indie music, anything from the latest releases to well known songs from the past. Check them out at where you can stream online and also find a gig/arts guide for Hamilton.

Anna showing me her letter A and all the Radio Robotic equipment in the background.
Anna has been coming to Fabrik for about 3 years now and knows that Jamie will always do a great cut that suits her hair type. “Fabrik is great, the people are so lovely and they play great music.”

Just had to share with everyone Anna’s cool old cameras.

MiroModa ft. Fabrik at NZFW 2012

Check out the full video of the show here: MiroModa Ft. Fabrik OnDemand.

Anna Hale.




Name: Anna Hale.

Occupation: Owner of The Look.

Fabrik stylist of choice: Jamie Dryden.



Anna is the owner of retail store The Look located on Alexandar street in Hamilton, she has been the owner for the last 3 and a half years and has been in retail for the last 8 years. Retail is a job Anna fell into by accident as she worked in a med lab for 19 years. She says she loves retail and would like to open another store but dosen’t know what kind of store yet.





Anna’s stylist of choice is Jamie and has been coming to fabrik for 3 and a half years. She found Fabrik after Mark Anna’s husband and also a Fabrik client converted Anna- Mark is a architectural designer and had done some work on the salon. Anna loves having her hair done and loves changing it often. She says “Its important to me that i have a fresh haircut it helps me help my clients find their style as fashion today is about individual style,taste and working with what you’ve  got not about what everyone else is wearing or doing to change their appearance and i think Fabrik shares this vision”.



Anna’s favourite design A.T.M