I believe it’s essential to give your clients the best service available in whatever field you are in. What I believe to be the best service in a salon for any colour service is one that is as low on chemicals as possible. WHY would you choose to have a colour service full of AMMONIA, RESORCINOL and PPD? Well until now it was because there was nothing out there that gave as good results cosmetically. But now the technology has improved and there is a product that creates amazing high fashion colour with a fraction of the chemical nasties that we have been using for decades.
This is going to be a REVOLUTION in hairdressing and Fabrik is leading the way in the Tron.
As from Thursday 21st November Fabrik will be AMMONIA, RESORCINOL and PPD free. This means for all you regulars at Fabrik your colour is going to be as good if not better without any nasty chemicals nipping your scalp and nostrils. The OM product doesn’t even have a scent.
No hairdresser likes to stand over clients all day with AMMONIA rising from their heads and with the amazingness of this product it means that that is a thing of the past.


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